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» Characters

The Characters page is a Work-in-Progress. It will be updated in the order the characters appeared, and new information will be added as the story progresses. For this reason, new readers, please be aware that this page might contain spoilers, so read at your own discretion.

Name: Cyril Madrigal
Age: 17
Birthday: April 1st
Astrological Sign: Aries
Bloodtype: B
------- Father: ???
------- Mother: Deceased (Cause of death: failed to send a chain letter on time)
Likes: ???
Dislikes: Bad luck, ???...

Description: An extremely unlucky young girl from Tondo, Manila. Graduated from public school one year ago. Optimistic and cheerful despite constant string of mishaps.

Inspired by: Lee Yeon Joo (Mikki) and Lee Dae Hae
Early concept art(s): 1/2